Monday, March 11, 2013

An aside for my wife

Of course I love you,
I just need a drink.
I love your sweet voice,
But I need time to think.

My day is your night,
When you are asleep.
My dreams fast escape
From this bed that we keep.

I died long ago
In a quaint castle room
I wandered from there,
But carry my tomb.

I spent foolish years
On long empty quests
I stayed with you here
You knew me best.

I must keep on searching
For yesterday’s end
I wish I could find
The words that would mend

All of the broken
Dreams that I brought
But alas I am sorrow
And sorrow has not

The means or the will
The day or the time
Help me, my love,
Help me to find

All that I'm after
All I can’t be,
All of your secrets,
Please share them with me.

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