Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Featured Writer, September

LillithFaraday comes to us from The U.S.A. She's an active and excellent writer. The piece below is titled "Solitary Sam". It's a well crafted snapshot of friendship, and the roadblocks that so often jump out at us as we journey life's road with those we "trust". It's something we can all relate to in some respect, gals and guys! Check out her personal page here. Enjoy!

In reality, Sam had learned to enjoy her solitude. 

She thought that she would miss the daily texts with invites to the most mundane of social gatherings, but she was actually perfectly content to sit on the window cushions, mindlessly stroking her cat as the hours passed, and continued to pass. 

Her friends had abandoned her due to some quite unjust social indecencies, but that no longer bothered her. “Hypocrisy runs rampant in that town”, she thought to herself as she gazed out her window. 

She thought about her friend Meg, and how she had always wished that Meg would finally take that step and free herself from the self-imposed restraints of motherhood and her relationship with convenience born out of sheer desperation, and if Sam was being perfectly honest, pure laziness. 

Meg’s idea of breaking free had been as of recent, her sordid weekend affairs with that Boy. Sam snorted in disdain at the thought of “that boy”, startling the cat. 

“I can’t help that the Boy is nothing but an overgrown man-child with a severe mommy complex", she explained to her cat as he gave her a look of concern that only a cat could possibly muster and walked away. 

Sam felt a moment of sadness when she thought about Meg and the Boy, and how their perceived love for each other would certainly not last the year. She couldn't linger on her friend’s mistakes though; she had learned that you couldn't protect people from themselves, especially when they were so adamant about bringing everyone around them down to their level of misery. 

They had tried to bring her down, under the guise of friendship and support, but they had failed and disappeared back to their lives. Confrontation had never been an issue in the group before, but Sam had always hoped that Meg at the very least would have been honest about her motives. 

She could feel the anger of betrayal simmering under her calm surface again. 

It was true that she had fallen in love with someone, and yes, she probably shouldn't have left so messily and abruptly. 

But Sam had been under the impression that her friends were adults, and judging by their own indiscretions, the fact that hers paled by comparison should have been enough to grant her a little support. Even judgmental support would have been better than what she had actually received, which was nothing more than a cool, indifferent shunning. 

No, her friends were far too civilized to say anything. Females are fickle; they let their men do the public shaming. Or in Meg’s case, her Boy. 

Sam frowned at the clouds outside her window and decided it was time to get over it. 

She had lost her friends, but it was time for her to stop questioning her choices and the events leading up to this realization. 
She hoped that someday, the girls would find some sort of inner dialogue that prevented them from continuing the path of pretense and honor that they were so desperately holding onto, and that eventually that town would learn what loyalty actually meant. 

Sam sat in her solitude and planned her future. 

But first, the cat needed to be fed.

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