Monday, October 21, 2013

Open The Door

Published in Boston Literary Magazine, issue December/2013. 

Open the door and let yourself back in-
The girl you evicted for having a broken heart.
Open the door to your prison full of ghosts-
Let them mingle in your new world order.
Invite them to a sleepover,
Make quaint party pastries,
Have a sing along.

Play, oh play awhile!
Climb the vacant drive-in screen
And blow the dust from young love's altar!
Let your hair get tossed in a world without extra hold spray,
Your cakeup smear from the sweat of freedom's run.
Straddle the drunken hubby once more-
Make him a baby,
Rock him to sleep.
Taste some blood,
Bathe in tears.
Dance barefoot
On broken dreams.
Open the door-surely you see it!
Open the door-you can borrow my key.
Open the door-I'll not knock again.

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