Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Prayer

Silence. Stop the music. Stop the clock. Pay attention. Wake up. Turn around. Retrace. Retread. Revamp. Renovate. Shut up. Listen. Love calls. Are you home? Answer the phone. This is your once in-in-a-lifetime chance. We may not call again. This is the Lady in White on the I reaching? 

I gave you back the marbles that Morpheus stole. I took away his power, and he was on a roll that year, and many were lost. Do you really want to know the incredible cost?  This is the One who fixed your brain. This is the One who removed your stains. It is I who makes the wise men fools. It is I who help you keep your cool. I am despair and I am hope. I waited for you at the end of your rope. I put a Gibson in your hands. I helped you harvest barren land. You met Herr Mozart, and not to brag, but you could have had less in your bag. I held back the bikers, the dealers and demons. You stayed in the game when the odds weren't even. Did you really want a life without care? You look just fine without your hair. People do what people will do; hold your own, don't come unglued. 
The streets were mean, the nights were hell. I bought the soul you tried to sell. You hit the dirt, I helped you stand. I was waiting when you ran.   

This is a loss on the grandest of scales, should you not choose conclude this tale with Me. This is the beginning and this is the end. This may well be your last chance to mend. Don’t thank me, it’s really no chore when you see it as I do, kicking down doors for a living. The job never seems to end, but neither does love, my feathered friend. My flightless bird, my rolling stone, no my friend, 
you’re not alone.

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