Thursday, September 18, 2014

Midnight Call (escaping Eden)

She makes a call
to an ancient friend 
who's weathered hands
will come to render
unto her 
the poison sweet
the stuff that brings me 
to my knees

He brings infection
for my wounds 
They huddle as they 
plot my doom
He brings to Eden
her fruit of choice
Taste, my sister 
raise your voice

I too have called on
someone dear 
He's not met me 
but he's near. 
He's been there 
and he's been here, 
right where I stand
in Eden's tears

I'll share his words 
so perfectly 
matched to my 
I cannot say it
quite like him
so I will go 
and let him in...

Slowly I married Her

Slowly I married her
Slowly and bitterly married her love
Married her body
     in her boredom and joy
Slowly I came to her
Slowly and resentfully came to her bed
Came to her table 
in hunger and habit
     came to be fed
Slowly I married her
sanctioned by none
with nobody's blessings
in nobody's name
     amid general warnings
     amid general scorns
Came to her fragrance
     my nostrils wide
Came to her greed
     with seed for a child
Years in the coming
and years in retreat
Slowly I married her
     Slowly I kneeled
And now we are wounded
     so deep and so well
that no one can hurt us
except Death itself
     And all through Death's dreams
I move with her lips
The dream is a night
     but eternal the kiss
And slowly I came to her
     slowly we shed
the clothes of our doubting
     and slowly we wed

The Unclean Start (abridged)

I went down to the port with my wife. On the way down I accused her of continuing her relentless automatic assault on my being. I knew this was not wise. I only meant to rap her on the knuckles and direct her attention to her habitual drift toward bitchiness but I lost control. There is no control in these realms. I became a thug. Her spirit armed itself and retaliated massively...You kill. It is your nature. Observe your nature...

"Slowly I married her" and "The Unclean Start" copyright Leonard Cohen, 1978, from book "Death of a lady's man" Photograph copyright Leonard Cohen


  1. If I didn't know you Jay, the comparison might not be as easily drawn...but I can see it. And I actually thought you outdid Leonard on that one. Man, you gotta print this stuff. We got your back bro.

  2. Thanks man. The darkest hour has visited me. But this too must pass.

  3. This one stands out to me. I agree with the above poster. You wrote well in your own right, though I love Cohen too. Links...quite a story there too. Big fan of your work Mr. Sims!