Saturday, October 25, 2014

To Be Alone

For some, to be alone is to embrace a time of welcome, sustained reflection upon days past, days present and days to come. It is a stopover on the way to a deeper peace and a time when one may not be alone, but only if the company has been worth the journey.

For others, to be alone is to be cornered by one's self and made to confront every fatal flaw as the silence spills out its evidence like a tenacious prosecutor, inflicting fear of days to follow. It is a painful pit-stop that must be undertaken quickly. Such a person will almost always find someone to serve as a distraction-anyone at all will usually do. The two will call it love, but in reality it is usually a form of mutual use...girl meets boy and forgets her broken self. Boy meets girl and finds the approval of a prince in her arms, when he's always felt like a popper. Poor fellow has no idea that he did not in fact qualify to win her heart; he was merely walking past when her shadow closed in on her. Soon his embrace will feel to her like strangulation. In her haste, she had cast away the sacred vision of love in favour of a mirage, that quickly left her dry in desert dust. Soon her soft kisses will land cold and forced. She'll turn from him and he will give chase, so afraid he is of sleeping alone again. She will run without a goodbye, having never grown beyond a mere child who learned about love from a story book and a game in the woods.

Alone once more, they will each seek out another, to begin the charade again.

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